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The AI store assistant

for brands & retailers

Assist walk-in customers as they explore your store and bring product expertise, promotions, and educational content directly to their phones – no download required.

Mockup showing PAJO's virtual assistant on iPhone

Increase in-store service satisfaction by up to 30%

Address inquiries immediately for up to 2x faster buying decisions

Reconnect with shoppers online after they've visited your stores

No downloads

Fully customisable

Conversational AI

Tap to engage (NFC)

No download, no installation

Engage shoppers in stores, retarget online

Provide instant customer service inside your stores in more than 90 languages. Collect marketing-ready insights and retarget shoppers online after they visited one of your stores. Easy to rollout, affordable for brands and retailers of all sizes.

How it works
Discover analytics
up to 30%

Higher service satisfaction

up to 15%

Higher in-store conversion

up to 10%

Decrease in showrooming

Meet us in person

Jump on a short 30-minute call with our team and discover why leading retailers in Hong Kong trust us as their preferred in-store engagement solution. No strings attached.

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Boost in-store sales

Increase product and promotional awareness to convert impulsive buyers and boost cross-selling.

Shorten buying decisions

Provide first-hand information, streamline decision making and prevent exposure to competitors online.

Retarget shoppers

Follow up with shoppers after their visit and enrich your marketing campaigns with in-store insights.

Supported by strong partners

Cancel anytime

Our plans come with no strings attached, cancel anytime.

Simple, fast setup

Shopify integration, AI-assisted onboarding, on-brand templates.

Upgrade anytime

Increase your engagement limit in just a few clicks.

Up to 100 customers monthly
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Shopify integration
Unlimited use of PAJO AI
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