for retailers of all sizes

Digital superpowers
for your retail stores

Create digital store experiences for your customers through an app that has engagement superpowers and works on any device.

PAJO mobile homescreen with building blocks
Mobile web application preview and user login

eCommerce features, redesigned for brick-and-mortar retail

Bring the power of eCommerce to your physical stores with marketing tools like price matching, customer review, product illustrations, videos, and more.

A man walking in front of a retail store

Truly personalised shopping experiences for your customers

Offer interactive customer experiences inside your stores – whether you manage one or hundreds of them.


Engage customers specific to their location, customer segment or other custom attributes already stored in your databases.


Send contextual messages or launch entire marketing campaigns based on real-time customer interactions in your stores.

100 in-store marketing tactics

We've collected over 100 in-store marketing tactics guaranteed to work in your store: actionable, effective, and realistic.

PAJO is coming soon

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Positive offline experiences
make a major difference

Create experiences that add value to your customers’ journey and enjoy higher loyalty, word of mouth and increased revenue.

Discover correlations between basket size, retention and cross-channel spending with up to 65% of shoppers saying they are likely to spend more online if they have had a positive offline experience.