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Engage shoppers with your own app, minus the friction

PAJO is a beautiful, fast, and intuitive mobile experience for brands who want to engage customers inside their locations. Instantly available on any device, no download or installation.

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01 | About PAJO

Effective, self-service customer information

Empower your customers to learn more about you, your brand and your products. Bring beautiful, interactive content to their phones through QR codes inside your locations – fast and intuitive to use.

Engage customers
Engage customers
Manage content
A snippet of PAJO's no-code CMS
02 | Why PAJO

An experience that simply works for all of your customers

PAJO lets you enrich your customer journey inside your locations with engaging and interactive content – available on any mobile device at the scan of a QR code.

69% of shoppers

look for information and reviews on their mobile phones in retail stores, skipping store associates.

61% of shoppers

consider their mobile phone to be “very important” to their in-store shopping experience.

40% of shoppers

consult the web upon arrival at a store to check whether they’re eligible for exclusive offers.

A young man interacting with his mobile phone.A business woman analysing data.
03 | Engagement

Boost your revenue,
collect email addresses

Use promotions and gamification to increase sales and average basket size while collecting validated email addresses on autopilot. Turn one-time customers into regulars by promoting events and offering custom loyalty programs with Stamp Cards and Reward Flows.

View content library
View content library
Discover Reward Flows
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04 | Analytics

Improve your marketing with better insights

Learn who is visiting your location and why. Discover content that customers engage with and use PAJO's analytics suite to drive highly converting campaigns and enrich your digital marketing stack.

Analyse customer data
Analyse customer data
Collect email addresses
Two store employees analysing data on a tablet.
05 | Content Management

Manage your entire app without a line of code

Activate or deactivate content whenever you need to with our no-code platform. We automatically promote the content inside your app while making sure everything looks and feels great – on any device.

Discover platform
Discover platform
Show design examples
A snippet of PAJO's no-code CMS

There's a lot more you can do

Discover our most common use cases and learn how PAJO can help your business with our self-service retail solution and engagement platform. Chat with us for more information.

Grow sales & in-store revenue

Bring all your in-store promotions into our Promotions Moment and offer an easy to navigate overview to your customers. Benefit from greater awareness of what you have to offer and increase cross-selling and up-selling.

Increase attendance at your events

Showcase all of your upcoming events inside our Events Moment and enable customers to add them to their native calendar app so they won't be forgotten.

Gain more followers on social media

Connect your customers to your social media profiles with our Socials & Links Moment. Enable customers to follow you in just a few taps and go even further by promoting external links to websites, magazines, blog articles, and more.

Run more effective marketing campaigns

Gather validated email addresses from your customers with PAJO Wallet. Email addresses allow you to identify your customers, create customer profiles and learn more about their interests and behaviours, then share your insights with your marketing tools to run more targeted and personal campaigns.

Benefit from better customer segmentation

PAJO tracks in-app activities, for example, when a customers looks at one of your promotions or adds an event to their calendar. We then combine those activities with behavioural insights, for example, which of your locations a customer prefers and the number of times they've visited to create powerful customer profiles you can use in any customer segmentation.

Increase customer retention

With PAJO Reward Flows, you can build your own custom loyalty program from scratch to encourage customers to take any kind of action, for example, send a coupon to your customers when they visit your store for the third time.

Leverage personalisation

Send coupons with personalised messages to your customers at scale with PAJO Reward Flows, for example, offer higher discounts to VIP customers.

Learn what resonates with your customers

Analyse views and engagement of your promotions (and other content) to learn what works best – and what doesn't – then improve your customer experience.

Learn who your customers are

Create detailed customer profiles and analyse valuable data points such as the location a customer visited, the location they prefer, what content (promotions, events, social media, etc.) they showed interest in, and more.

Convert impulsive shoppers

Showcase all your promotions in one centralised place with our Promotions Moment and enable customers to win coupons by playing a fun Memory that at the same time promotes your products or send customers on a Treasure Hunt inside your store. Why? Because discounts obtained from promotional games always generated a greater likelihood of purchase and overall spending. Read more about gamification in our article.