Real-time insights, marketing ready

Connect your locations to your digital marketing stack. Gather, measure and analyse customer data 
and share actionable insights with your CRM, email marketing tool, marketing automation platform, and more.

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A table showing customer data.
Collect Insights

Track interactions with your content

Learn what happens inside your locations in real-time with our timeline view and advanced analytics capabilities.

Measure scans of your QR codes

Track clicks & views of your content

Collect email addresses with PAJO Wallet

About engagement
About engagement
Leverage insights
A Ui snippet showing a customer timeline.
Analyse Insights

Get to know customers on a personal level

Gain a better understanding of who your customers are, what they are interested in and create customer segments based on shared activities or common attributes.

View 360º customer profiles

Measure engagement performance of your content

Create advanced customer segmentations

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Collect personal data
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Improved segmentation

Create customer cohorts based on locations they visit, content views or interactions, number of visits, and more.

Better marketing campaigns

Use your customer segmentation to create audiences for your online ads and direct marketing campaigns.

More efficient retargeting

Share insights with Google or Facebook to create powerful retargeting campaigns and lookalike audiences.

An illustration showing PAJO connected with other marketing tools.