Various use cases, simple plug & play

Choose from a broad range of use cases and build an in-store experience that fits your brand and serves your business goals.


Promote in-store discounts, collect email addresses or phone numbers.


Increase awareness with features like endless aisle, Instagram-like stories, etc.


Convert impulsive buyers with fun mini games. Celebrate product launches etc.


Foster a community around your brand, tell your brand's narrative at scale.

Personalised service at scale

Help shoppers find the best products and answer product questions at scale in any language. Always up-to-date with our native Shopify integration.

Conversational AI

Our Product Expert AI answers complex product questions with ease – in any language.

Always up-to-date

PAJO AI syncs product specs and other information directly from Shopify in real-time.

Frictionless on any phone

Enables shoppers to scan any product inside your stores to learn more about the brand, the specifications or simply engage with our conversational AI.

Unmatched accuracy

Install our Shopify integration and experience up to 87% accuracy out of the box.

Integrated search

Enable shoppers to search your product catalog as fallback to ensure a smooth experience.