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Turn your customers into impulsive buyers, event participants, social media followers, mobile gamers with our Customer Engagement Platform for brick-and-mortar locations.

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Setup PAJO

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Convert and inform customers at scale

Promote all of your discounts, events, social media profiles, products and more. Fast and easy to access on any mobile device. Frictionless without download or installations.

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Browse PAJO Moments
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Brand Awareness

Engage customers during their visit

PAJO Moments help you to convert, educate, entertain and inform your customers while generating brand awareness and building lasting relationships.

PAJO Moments

A library of engagement use cases for you to choose from. Activate content in a few clicks.

QR Codes

QR codes that take customers  to your app's home screen or directly to a specific Moment.

Explore industries
Explore industries
Show design examples
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Customer Relations

Turn customers into marketing contacts

Collect email addresses from your customers and enrich your CRM or other marketing tools with actionable insights from your physical locations.

PAJO Wallet

Use your promotions as a conversion engine to gather email addresses.

Data validation

All email addresses you gather through PAJO are validated and active.

Discover PAJO Wallet
Discover PAJO Wallet
Explore analytics
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Setup PAJO

Launch PAJO inside your locations in four simple steps

Chat with us
Chat with us
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Customise your app

Upload a logo and set your brand colour and we'll take care of the shades and tints. Activate content from our Moment library and you're ready to go.

Setup your QR codes

Create and export QR codes from within our platform and place them inside your locations for your customers to scan.

Engage your customers

With your QR codes set up, customers can access your app fast and on any mobile device.

Analyse & share your insights

Track, measure and analyse how customers use your app and share insights with your marketing stack for more effective marketing campaigns.