pajo moments

Engaging content for any type of business

PAJO Moments are in-store marketing tools designed to engage customers the way they want to engage – mobile.

Overview of PAJO Moments in app

Mobile-first engagement

50% of customers use their mobile phone for brand or product research in your store. Engage in a way that feels natural.


Designed to be inclusive

PAJO runs on the web meaning your customers can instantly interact with your content on any device, no download required.


White-label designs

Every brand is different. PAJO lets you create your own look and feel with customisable templates and designs.


Full control, anytime

You decide what content to show to what audience and in what location. Simply managed within PAJO.

1 in 2 shoppers research a brand or product on Google during their store visit of which 70% change their mind.

PAJO gives you access to the right tools to execute your in-store marketing strategies. Streamline your customers’ shopping experience with content that engages and minimises their exposure to your competition online.

PAJO Building Blocks

Contextual marketing tools that only show when needed

PAJO building blocks allow you to provide information dynamically in your app based on the type of product your customer is interacting with.

Connect with store visitors

Become an early-adopter and start collecting email addresses from store visitors for free.

Shows PAJO influencer marketing building block

Bring influencer marketing to your retail stores

Enable your customers to see which of your products their online idols love or create your own brand wishlists to promote product bundles for specific occasions.

Use reward flows to encourage customers to take action

Give away coupons and other perks to encourage specific actions such as store visits, event participation, submitting feedback or taking a survey.

Shows PAJO reward flows
What problem is PAJO solving?
On average, 2 in 10 store visitors turn into customers. By offering digital marketing tools at your physical POS you can increase conversion. And you can go further than that: retarget store visitors online after their visit to one of your stores.
How does PAJO work for my customers?
Your customers scan a QR inside your store which will instantly take them to your app, no downloads required. Within your app, you can provide contextual brand or product information, offer promotions, product-integrative mobile games, and more.
How can I set up PAJO in my retail store?
Setup is easy. Design and customise your app on our platform, export your QR code and promote it in your store. Then activate the marketing tools you'd like your customers to interact with. That's it, it's a breeze.
How can I manage multiple store at once?
With PAJO, you can provide different content across different locations at scale. That being said, you can either provide the same app experience to all of your customers or offer experiences based on the location your customers are visiting. By the way, dynamic content also works for customer segments!
We operate multiple stores, how do we get brand and product information into PAJO?
During the onboarding, we pull your brand and store data from public web sources, e.g. Google. Product data can be imported directly from most of the common POS systems.