qr-code based marketing

Everything you need to engage customers in your stores

PAJO helps you create digital store experiences for your customers across various locations. Analyse their performance and share insights with the tools you already use – all without writing a single line of code.

PAJO CMS core features

In-store marketing tools that work for any type of business

Moments are marketing tools built for in-store engagement. Customise any of them without code through our dedicated content management system.


Show content to all of your customers or specific customer segments.


Activate or deactivate in-app content based on the location your customer is in.

Overview of PAJO Moments
PAJO integrations with other tools

Integrates with your existing tools

No need to recreate the content you already have. Simply send brand and product information from your POS system or other tools to PAJO using plug & play integrations.


QR-code based marketing

PAJO is built to be inclusive. Customers can access your app from any device by scanning a QR or barcode – no downloads required.


Dynamic in-app content

Make content in your app exclusive to specific audiences or locations and create personalised shopping experiences at scale.

Building customer cohorts in PAJO analytics

More insights, less noise

Measure your engagement performance and analyse customer interests to improve your store experience.

Customer insights

Learn from customer interactions about their interests and preferences like favourite brands, products, and more.

Experimental marketing

Perform A/B testing across customer segments to learn which engagement strategies work best for you.


Customer segmentation

Create segments based on attributes customers have in common such as the number of visits, prefered locations, and more.


Custom reporting

Create reports to track impressions and engagement within your app or build dynamic customer lists with advanced filters.

Collect actionable data in your retail stores

Integrate your retail stores into your existing marketing ecosystem with mobile customer engagement.

A 360º customer view

Learn what your customers are interested in, how they interact with your products, and what works best to convert them.

Start retargeting store visitors

Create advertisement audiences based on in-store interactions and start retargeting your customers online.

PAJO integrations connects retail stores with marketing tools