PAJO was built to help retailers engage customers in retail stores & pop-up locations but our PAJO Moments work equally great in various use cases across other industries.

Brick-and-mortar retail

Better experience, better results

Showcase your promotions, events, social media profiles and more in one centralised place on the web. Fast and easy to access for all of your customers on any device.

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A shopping mall from the inside.

A holistic approach to hotel marketing

Create an experience that makes your guests want to come back. Convert, educate, and inform your guests without being intrusive with a simple QR code inside their rooms.

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A hotel bed in front of a beautiful landscape.
Food & beverages

Grant guests a look behind the curtains

Build meaningful connections with your guest. Invite them into your kitchen and create a unique dining experience enriched with digital content from behind the curtains.

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A restaurant from the inside.

Missing your industry?

We don't shy away from realising good ideas or running pilots and experiments together with our customers or those who consider to become one.

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