visitor engagement for retail

Say good-bye to anonymous store visitors

Automagically collect email addresses from store visitors and follow up via social media or email.

Illustration showing in-store customer behaviour

Connect with visitors

Gather email addresses from people who walk into your store, frictionless, so you can focus on what's important.


See higher returns

Use reward flows to incentivise your visitors to return to your stores with personalised coupons and other perks.


Gain more followers

Share all your social media profiles in one place without having to add yet another poster to your door.

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PAJO is a proud member of the Google Startup Program, Segment Startup Program, and Cyberport CCMF Fund.

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Onboarding? Effortless!
One QR code, no downloads.

Provide all visitor information in one place. Turn one-time visitors into returning customers with personalised discounts, event invitations, promotions, and more – one QR code is all you need.

Experience it yourself
Mobile web app and user profile
Overview of custom audiences

Send coupons or event invites to all or a segment of visitors

Define an audience or location to show your content and send coupons and invitations only to store visitors that match certain criteria. Why not add an extra +10% only for VIP customers?

Incentivise visitors to return to your store with reward flows

Use in-app events to trigger rewards. Award store visitors when they visit your stores, attend events, discover products, and more. Reward flows are flexible so you can create whatever you imagine.

Reward flow feature
Mobile games in PAJO

Collect emails, increase sales, promote productsall at once

Offer store visitors a chance to win discounts and collect validated email addresses in real-time – all while creating awareness for your new product collection.

Get your own app, it's free!

Store visitors are valuable leads, don't let them off the hook without knowing who they are. Get your own app for free, no strings attached. Contact us for more info.

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