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Award-winning visitor experiences for art galleries

Award-winning experiences for galleries

Provide an outstanding self-service experience inside your art gallery or pop-up location. Engage visitors with audio guides, inform through Instagram-like stories, showcase portraits of artists, and more.

PAJO's virtual assistant on a user's phone inside the store.

Supported by strong partners

No download, no installation

Engage visitors on their phones, no download

Offer an additional engagement channel to keep visitors connected to your brand and create memorable experiences at scale.

Build a unique experience from scratch without code

Convert, educate and inform shoppers at their fingertips

Analyse and share insights across your entire stack

1. Build your experience

Create a visitor experience inside your art gallery with templates that help you get started quickly. No technical know-how needed.

2. Setup your QR codes

Create, export and install our next-generation QR codes inside your art gallery to engage visitors with a broad range of content.

3. Engage your visitors

With PAJO QR codes set up, visitors can interact with any of your content directly on their mobile devices. Frictionless and fast.

4. Analyse & share insights

Track, measure and analyse visitor activities inside your art gallery and share actionable insights with your marketing stack.

Create ad audiences at scale
with next-generation QR codes

Frictionless engagement
without download or installation

Real-time visitor segmentations
based on activity or intent data

Next-generation QR codes

QR codes, rethought

Inform visitors with a gallery experience that looks and feels like an app. Accessible to everyone without download or installation.

Bring any content directly to your visitors' phones

Visually appealing and clearly labelled for easy use

Easy to manage – even after you print them

Two people standing in front of a painting.
PAJO mobile experience interface showing store-wide search function.
Audio guides

Delight with self-service experiences

Inform visitors about your artworks with engaging guides they can read and listen to or educate them about the artist with Instagram-like stories. Frictionless and never in the way.

Higher engagement

Provide contextual information to visitors for higher engagement.

No recordings needed

Automatically create human-like audio guides based on text input.

PAJO Moments

Unique experiences

We know every gallery is unique. With just a few clicks, you can activate the relevant use cases for your gallery and manage the entire experience on our user-friendly platform. No code required.

About our use cases

PAJO Moments are widgets your visitors can interact with. Each Moment serves a specific use case and was designed for maximum conversion making it easy to engage visitors with your content.

PAJO mobile experience interface showing Moments customisation options.

Create unique experiencesspacing

spacingwith pre-built templates.


Educate, inform visitors

Bring artwork information to your visitors' fingertips. Create guides visitors can read and listen to, provide background information about your artists, and more.


Show exhibitions

Enable visitors to add your future events to their native calendars.


Engage visitors with mini-games around your artist or artworks.

Socials & Links

Promote your social media or other digital content to visitors.


Promote your brand

Use Instagram-like stories to educate and inform visitors about your artists or artworks in a way that is more concise than a thousand words.


Engage visitors at scale

Billed per location per month. Add-ons are available on any plan.

Cancel anytime

Our plans come with no strings attached, cancel anytime.

Simple and fast setup

Export PAJO QR Codes from our platform and install them inside your gallery. Replace existing QR codes and enjoy all of PAJO's benefits.

Includes up to 100 engaged visitors.
Gallery-wide search
Collect visitor data
All PAJO Moments
Audio guides
Request demo

Real-time insights

Level up your digital marketing through actionable insights from within your art gallery and retarget visitors on social media after their visit.

Discover analytics
Discover analytics
View pricing
A man standing in front of a painting.