10x more scans than traditional QR codes

Convert, educate and inform shoppers who skip store associates looking for information on their phones. Collect personal shopper data and actionable insights such as email addresses or phone numbers.

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PAJO's virtual assistant on a user's phone inside the store.

Create ad audiences at scale
with next-generation QR codes

Frictionless engagement
without download or installation

Real-time shopper segmentations
based on activity or intent data


Store-wide search

Help shoppers find all the information they're looking for. Enable visitors to discover in-store promotions, stories, product and brand information from a single search query.

Up and cross-selling

Make discounts easy to discover and convert impulsive buyers.

Increase awareness

Increase awareness by providing information in a centralised place.

PAJO mobile experience interface showing store-wide search function.
PAJO's mobile experience interface showing product information.
Self-service information

Educate & inform

Provide the right information at the right time with a blazingly fast in-app scanner. Works instantly on any device, no loading time.

Mitigate showrooming

Provide vetted information to limit exposure to competitors online.

Blazingly fast

Bring contextual information to visitors with no loading times.


Reconnect online

Retarget anonymous shoppers on social media. Collect personal data such as email addresses or phone numbers from shoppers every time they use an in-store discount.

Automatic verification

Verified shopper information for your free or paid ad campaigns.

Reward Flows

Send coupons to visitors upon activities like product views etc.

PAJO mobile experience interface showing PAJO wallet gated access.
No download, no installation

PAJO works on any phone, instantly

Our next-generation QR Codes support various use cases and show significantly higher engagement rates than traditional QR codes.

Build a unique experience from scratch without code

Convert, educate and inform shoppers at their fingertips

Analyse and share insights across your entire stack

1. Build your experience

Create a self-service experience inside your stores with templates that help you get started quickly. No technical know-how needed.

2. Setup your QR codes

Create, export and install our next-generation QR codes inside your locations to engage shoppers with a broad range of content.

3. Engage your visitors

With PAJO QR codes set up, shoppers can interact with any of your content directly on their mobile devices. Frictionless and fast.

4. Analyse & share insights

Track, measure and analyse shopper activities inside your locations and share actionable insights with your entire marketing stack.

A woman scanning a PAJO QR code being added to a visitor ad audience.
Next-generation QR codes

QR codes, rethought

Bring any content to shoppers' fingertips in seconds. Track scans and interactions and share actionable insights with your marketing stack.

Bring any use case directly to your shoppers' phones

Visually appealing and clearly labelled for easy use

Easy to manage – even after you print them


Engage shoppers

Billed per location per month. Add-ons are available on any plan.

Cancel anytime

Our plans come with no strings attached, cancel anytime.

Simple and fast setup

Export PAJO QR Codes from our platform and install them inside your stores. Replace your existing QR codes and enjoy all of PAJO's benefits.

Upgrade anytime

Looking to unlock all PAJO Moments and gather unmatched insights to fuel your marketing campaigns? Easily upgrade as your business grows.

Includes up to 100 engaged shoppers.
Location-wide search
Collect personal data
All PAJO Moments
Audio guides
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