Personal offers, deployed at scale

Create personalised coupons to convert anonymous customers into validated email marketing contacts across your locations on autopilot.

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A woman behind PAJO coupons.

Increase cross-selling and upsell to impulsive buyers

Showcase all of your promotions in one place and use coupons to build truly personalised shopping experiences for your customers.

Claim coupons

Customers can claim any coupon inside your Promotions Moment which will then be sent to their PAJO wallet.

Redeem coupons

Customers can redeem coupons from within their PAJO Wallet which requires the registration with an email address.

A man receiving a personalised coupon.

Enables personalised offers

Use liquid placeholders such as {firstName} or {location} to add a personal touch to your coupons with personalised messages.

Integrates with Reward Flows

Integrate coupons into your Reward Flows as incentives for customers and send coupons automatically to their wallet on certain activities.

Supports PAJO Wallet

Coupons can be stored and redeemed from within PAJO Wallet which allows you to collect validated email addresses from your customers in real-time.

Discover Reward Flows
Discover Reward Flows
About PAJO Wallet

How personalisation can increase sales & retention

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