Follow up with shoppers after their store visit

Bring promotions directly to your customers’ phones and collect verified and marketing-ready email addresses every time a discount is used.

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A woman behind PAJO coupons.

Upsell impulsive buyers; collect actionable data

Bring your in-store discounts to your customers' phones in seconds with simple QR codes and increase up and cross-selling as well as retention.

85% of shoppers

are happy to hare their personal email address in exchange for a discount.

40% of shoppers

check whether they are eligible for exclusive offers upon arrival at a store.

A man receiving a personalised coupon.

Personalised offers

Use liquid placeholders such as {firstName} or {location} to add a personal touch to your coupons with dynamic messages.

Integrates with Reward Flows

Integrate coupons into our Reward Flows and send discounts to your customers' wallets automatically on pre-defined actions they take.

Supports PAJO Wallet

Coupons can be stored and redeemed from within PAJO Wallet which allows you to collect email addresses from shoppers in real-time.

Discover Reward Flows
Discover Reward Flows
About PAJO Wallet

How personalisation can increase sales & retention

Learn more about the benefits of personalisation in our latest episode of "Let's talk facts" with Ryan who shares his learnings from the latest research related to brick-and-mortar retail.