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A man looking at his phone inside a retail store.
Mobile engagement

Connect with shoppers

Provide an alternative engagement channel and educate visitors about your brand or products at scale. Enable associates to focus on high-value visitors and those who prefer human assistance.

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Our platform

Boost location revenue at scale

Increase product and promotional awareness. Convert impulsive buyers, increase cross-selling.

Mitigate showrooming

Provide information directly to shopper's phones and prevent exposure to competitors online.

A woman looking at her phone inside a retail store.

Unmatched insights

Collect actionable, marketing-ready data. Follow up with visitors after their visit. Enrich free and paid marketing campaigns.

No download, no installation

10x more scans than traditional QR codes

Complement personal customer service and offer an additional engagement channel to keep shoppers connected to your brand.

Build a unique experience from scratch without code

Convert, educate and inform shoppers at their fingertips

Analyse and share insights across your entire stack

1. Build your experience

Create a self-service experience inside your stores with templates that help you get started quickly. No technical know-how needed.

2. Setup your QR codes

Create, export and install our next-generation QR codes inside your locations to engage shoppers with a broad range of content.

3. Engage shoppers at scale

With PAJO QR codes set up, shoppers can interact with any of your content directly on their mobile devices. Frictionless and fast.

4. Analyse & share insights

Track, measure and analyse shopper activities inside your locations and share actionable insights with your entire marketing stack.

A store manager who adds new content to PAJO from within the store using an iPad.

No-code, easy setup

Anyone on your team can build a unique visitor experience with PAJO. Choose from a broad range of pre-built content. Customise and manage your entire experience with just a few clicks.

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PAJO Moments

Real-time insights

Improve your digital marketing through actionable insights from your locations. Collect and share data that used to be incredibly difficult to collect such as email addresses or mobile phone numbers.

Discover analytics
Discover analytics
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A store manager discussing engagement performance with a store associate.