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We help {organisation} provide instant customer service in more than 90 languages, collect marketing-ready insights and retarget shoppers online. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help your brand, too.

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Discover analytics
up to 30%

Higher service satisfaction

up to 15%

Higher in-store conversion

up to 10%

Decrease in showrooming

Boost in-store sales

Increase product and promotional awareness to convert impulsive buyers and boost cross-selling.

Shorten buying decisions

Provide first-hand information, streamline decision making and prevent exposure to competitors online.

Retarget shoppers

Follow up with shoppers after their visit and enrich your marketing campaigns with in-store insights.


Our plans

An award-winning shopping experience at an affordable price.

How do we measure engagements?

We track how many unique shoppers are using PAJO inside your store over the course of one month. These stats are being reset on a monthly basis.

What if I engage more than 100 shoppers?

Engage as many shoppers as you like, our pricing grows with you. For every 100 shoppers you engage, you will be charged an additional US$120.

How does the Shopify integration work?

Shopify serves as the single source of truth for product information, specifications, and more. Any changes you make on your website are synced and reflected inside PAJO in real-time.

Can I request my own branded virtual assistant?

Yes, we do offer custom on-brand assistants. Please get in touch.

Up to 100 shoppers, billed monthly
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Shopify integration
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