Increase visitor retention & loyalty

Build your own incentive program from scratch and send coupons to your shoppers' wallet or stamps to their stamp cards whenever they take a pre-defined action or meet certain criteria.

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PAJO mobile app with reward notification.
Reward Flows

Incentive programs, simplified

Build your own incentive program in three simple steps. Say goodbye to forgotten membership cards, deinstalled applications or expensive third-party software.

Define a trigger

Reward Flows can be triggered by the scan of a PAJO QR Code or through any interaction with your content, e.g. when a shopper adds an event to their calendar or views one of your products.

Select a reward

Create your own incentive program and send coupons to your shoppers' wallet or stamps to their stamp card.

Set additional rules

Reward Flows support a broad range of conditions which is helpful when you want to add custom rules to your Reward Flows.

Always available

PAJO Reward Flows enable you to build a loyalty program without having to rely on shoppers to download a third-party app or bringing their membership card.

Accessible and inclusive

As a mobile web application, PAJO works on 95% of your shoppers' mobile devices which removes the friction of traditional loyalty programs.