Facts, quotes, and statistics about brick-and-mortar retail

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Purchase Behaviour
Most Indonesians change their minds after consulting their phones
80% of Indonesians change their minds along their purchase journeys after consulting their smartphones.
Purchase Behaviour
Consumers prefer brands with brick-and-mortar stores over pure online brands
A survey by Google found 61% of respondents would prefer to shop from retailers with a brick and mortar location than with those who only operate online.
Data & Analytics
Consumers are concerned how data is collected
A recent survey indicates nearly 80% of consumers are concerned with how their data is collected and believe the potential risks outweigh the benefits.
Purchase Behaviour
Consumers want personalised offers
64% of consumers want personalized offers from retailers, according to Salesforce, so it’s definitely worth experimenting.
Purchase Behaviour
Consumers expect brands to do good
According to various studies and surveys, 90% of consumers want to see more “responsible” products from retailers, and more than half will pay more for those goods.
Brand Activation, Store Experience
Consumers consider their smartphone to be 'very important' to in-store shopping
Consumers might enjoy shopping in person, but this doesn’t mean they’re not utilizing other channels to assist their purchasing decisions. According to AdColony, 61% of consumers consider their smartphone to be “very important” to in-store shopping.
Store Experience, Brand Loyalty
Building loyalty through value-added retail
It takes 37% of consumers at least five purchases before they consider themselves brand loyal, and their  experience plays a key role; 93% of customers say they will most likely purchase from a brand again if their previous experience was excellent.
Store Experience
Younger consumers are experience-orientated
According to a study by the Harris Group, 72% of millennials would rather open their wallets for experiences rather than products.
Purchase Behaviour, Store Experience
Consumers miss in-store discounts
28% reported that they miss the in-store discounts. Receiving a product sample, physical coupon, discount offer, or promotional giveaway brings a feeling of instant gratification, especially when it’s something shoppers can touch.
Store Experience
Reasons why shoppers miss in-store shopping
Of the 92% of shoppers who said they miss shopping in person at stores, 47% miss browsing, 44% miss getting out of the house, and 41% miss the instant gratification of getting their purchase right away.
Purchase Behaviour
Conversion effect of digital signage
In fact, 68% of customers note that digital signage would make them more likely to buy advertised products. Forty-four percent even stated it would influence them to buy the advertised product instead of a product they already planned to purchase.
Purchase Behaviour, Store Experience
In-store shopping still preferred retail channel for millennials
In-store shopping is still the preferred retail channel for 82% of millennials, even the ones who also engage in online shopping.
Purchase Behaviour
Consumers feel user-generated content is helpful when deciding to buy something
Considering 93% of customers feel user-generated content is helpful when deciding to buy something, retailers want to work on getting more social clout organically.
Purchase Behaviour, Store Experience
Buying decisions are made in-store
The reason why these POP displays and the impulse purchases they generate are so effective is that, according to research, almost 66% of all decisions to buy something are made while people are shopping in a store. And guess what? Almost 53% of those decisions are classified as impulse buying.
Brand Loyalty
Overcomplicated enrollment programs hinder loyalty program signups
Customers hesitate to sign up for loyalty programs for plenty of reasons. For Gen Z, one of the most commonly cited reasons is that the enrollment process takes too long — 28% of Gen Z consumers said as much.
Purchase Behaviour, Brand Loyalty
Loyalty programs can change purchase behaviour
66% of consumers say rewards programs actually change their spending behavior and loyalty members spend about 37% more than non-members
Store Experience
Consumers expect customer reviews in-store
In a recent survey by Podium, 93% of respondents said online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. Another survey from Power Reviews found that 70% of shoppers want to see product ratings and reviews while they shop in-store.
Brand Activation
Consumers demand brands to have a societal impact
Nearly 60% of consumers in the US said they want businesses to be more vocal about important issues, and 50% of consumers said they do online research to see how a brand reacted to societal issues.
Purchase Behaviour, Store Experience
Utilisation of contactless payment methods during pandemic
During the pandemic, one in five consumers made a contactless payment for the first time, and of those consumers, 57% said they would continue to use contactless payment methods post-pandemic.
Brand Activation
Consumers likely to leave a review when asked
70% of consumers will leave a review for a business if they're asked to
Purchase Behaviour
Every second consumer uses online customer reviews
In fact, according to Global Web Index, almost half of consumers in North America use online customer reviews when they are actively searching for more information about a brand, product, or service. And 31.2% of consumers in North America say they trust what online reviews say about products.
Store Experience
Shoppers want to Google a product before making an offline purchase
Google reports that 59% of customers want to Google a product even before making an offline purchase
Purchase Behaviour
Consumers are more likely to buy a product when they've watched a video about it
Consumers spend about one-third of their time online watching videos. And as we’ve noted before, customers are up to 85% more likely to buy a product when they’ve watched a video about it.
Purchase Behaviour
Most consumers research offline via mobile first
A recent Forbes article revealed that 82% of shoppers use their phones to research products online before making a purchase in store. Those mobile shoppers often seek product information, specs, and reviews while evaluating several options inside your store, as seen in these charts from a recent Retail Dive survey.
Brand Loyalty
Customers enrolled in loyalty programs more likely to buy a second time
Customers who enroll in a loyalty program are 47% more likely to make a second purchase than customers who don’t join.
Omnichannel shoppers spend more
For example, a 2017 Harvard Business Review study found omnichannel shoppers spent 4% more in-store and 10% more online.
Purchase Behaviour, Brand Activation
Shoppers pay more for brands they think of as transparent
A whopping 73% of respondents said they were willing to pay more if they were assured transparency, while 39% would switch to a new brand if they promised more clarity and openness.
Brand Activation, Brand Loyalty
Shoppers want additional product information
Buyers wanted additional product information: 56% of customers surveyed trusted brands more if they provided more information about what goes into products.
Brand Activation
Brand transparency matters to consumers
Nearly 86% of Americans say transparency is more important to them than ever before.
Shoppers are expecting personalised experiences
Google’s 2019 Global Retail Study of over 14,000 global shoppers also supports the idea that people are seeking out personalization: 49% of respondents said they wanted brands to send them promotions or deals specific to their past purchases.
Personalisation converts customers
According to an Epsilon survey of online shoppers aged 18 to 64, 80% of respondents indicated they were more likely to do business with a company if it offered personalized experiences, while 90% indicated they find personalization appealing.
Store Experience
Every second shopper uses a smartphone in-store
People arriving at a retailer’s store still consult the web during their visit. Some 55% of shoppers use their smartphones to find product specifications. Another 40% check whether they’re eligible for exclusive offers.
Shoppers prefer brands with physical retail
Research shows that 61% of shoppers would rather shop with brands that also have a physical location (versus those that are online-only).
Purchase Behaviour, Omnichannel
Almost all consumers conduct online research before making a purchase
Considering that 87% of shoppers conduct online research before making purchases (up from 71% a year prior), channeling even a small percentage of their research to your offline store would represent massive revenue potential.
Purchase Behaviour
Social proof matters to most consumers
According to BrightLocal, customers read about 10 reviews before feeling like they can trust a business. What’s more, a whopping 82% of customers read online reviews for local businesses. In other words, social proof—reviews, feedback, etc.—are critical in your customer’s buying journey.
Purchase Behaviour
Buy-one-get-one promotions are a customer favourite
Buy-one-get-one (BOGO) promotions are a customer favorite when it comes to types of product bundling. 66% of consumers say that BOGO is their favorite type of deal, while 93% of consumers have purchased a BOGO offer at least once.
Store Experience
Consumers find shopping convenience more important than ever
In fact, research from The National Retail Federation states that 83% of consumers find shopping convenience more important than it was five years ago.
Store Experience
Most consumers have tried BOPIS
Also, according to Statista, 83% of respondents bought items online and picked them up at the counter in 2019. 63% of respondents said they wanted to try the buy online, pick up in-store service option of a curbside pickup.
Purchase Behaviour, Personalisation
Consumers prefer personalised coupons and promotions
Of consumers who have experienced personalization, 67% are highly in favor of targeted coupons, and 62% prefer personalized offers or promotions based on past purchases
Brand Loyalty, Retention
Loyalty programs keep customers engaged
Research shows that 79% of consumers say loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with brands.
Purchase Behaviour, Store Experience
Getting a product at a discount can make customers feel good
A study led by Dr. Paul J. Zak, professor of neuroeconomics at Claremont Graduate University, discovered that shoppers who were given a $10 voucher experienced a 38% rise in levels of oxytocin—a hormone associated with trust and happiness—and were 11% happier than those who did not receive a coupon.
Purchase Behaviour
Discounting top pricing strategy for retail store owners
According to a study by Software Advice, discounting is the top “pricing strategy for retailers across all sectors, used by 97% of survey respondents.
Retailers pay attention to gamification
According to a study from Boston Retail Partners, almost 9 retailers out of 10 expect to turn to gamification over the next 5 years, while 46% of them claim that they make it a priority to deliver loyalty programs with a gaming experience.
Purchase Behaviour
Consumers research products online before buying it
According to GWI, over 50% of consumers in North America research a product online before buying it. And according to this 2021 state of consumer behavior report, many people still choose to shop in person. In fact, nearly 50% of consumers ​​said, if given the choice, they prefer to shop in person rather than online.
Winning a discount affects perceptions of luck which leads to a positive store attitude
Surprisingly, even when the discount won from a promotional game is smaller than a traditional discount -- say only 10% versus 20% -- researchers still saw the same phenomenon.
Discounts obtained from promotional games generate greater likelihood of purchase and overall spending
The researchers found that discounts obtained from promotional games always generated greater likelihood of purchase and overall spending, ranging from a 42% to 213% increase.
Store Experience
Higher expectations for in-store experiences and services
83% of consumers now expect stores to offer flexible shopping and fulfillment options such as buy online, pick up in store.
Store Experience
Gen Z consumers will create the greatest demand for in-store experience transformation
Gen X consumers are the most disenchanted by in-store shopping: 47% enjoy shopping in stores much less now than two years ago, compared with 35% of their younger counterparts. Millennials particularly don’t see a need to return to in-store shopping and are more inclined than the average consumer to avoid shopping in stores whenever possible. Gen Z consumers are the least likely to feel negative about in-store shopping; instead, Gen Z consumers express the highest levels of excitement around shopping sprees with expanded groups of friends and family.
Purchase Behaviour, Retention
Positive offline experiences can make a big impact
90% of consumers say they are more likely to return again, 61% of consumers say they are likely to spend more at a location and 65% of consumers say they are likely to spend more online with a brand — all if they have a positive offline experience.
Brand Loyalty
Brand loyalty is lacking
48% of respondents said they have replaced products they typically purchase at physical stores with competitors’ online alternatives. 25% said that they switch brands more often today than ever before.
COVID-19 has had a major impact on consumer habits
40% of respondents have visited physical locations less frequently since COVID-19 hit.
Many consumers still prefer shopping in person
46% of respondents said that given the choice, they prefer to shop in person rather than online. This represents a 9% decline from our previous State of Consumer Behavior 2020 report.
Store Experience, Omnichannel
Customers still prefer the experience of interacting directly with products
33% of respondents prefer shopping at physical stores because they like to see and feel products, while 26% enjoy the overall experience of shopping in person.
Purchase Behaviour
Customers will spend more when their in-location experience is positive
61% of respondents said that they’d shell out more at a store that provides a positive experience than one that does not.
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