PAJO Wallet

The conversion engine for data-driven brands

Enable shoppers to claim, store, and redeem Coupons inside their own PAJO wallet and turn anonymous shoppers into marketing-ready contacts.

1. Browse promotions

Shoppers browse your active discounts on their phones.

2. Claim coupon

Shoppers claim a coupon and receive it inside PAJO wallet.

3. Create account

Shoppers sign in with an email address or mobile phone number to access and redeem their coupon. We verify their credentials.

4. Redeem coupon

Shoppers redeem coupons by showing a QR code at checkout.

Actionable data

Grow your business on verified, first-party data

Enable shoppers to store and redeem coupons when they register with an email address or phone number. PAJO verifies their credentials through passwordless authentication, so you can trust the data you gather.

Reliable, verified data

We automatically send a login link or OTP to verify shopper credentials and ensure clean data.

Stored credentials

We store visitor credentials on their phones, so your visitors won't have to login again during a future visit.

Woman interacting with her mobile phone in front of activity timeline.