A treasure hunt inside your space

Introduce new products or product collection with an interactive mini game and allow customers to win discounts based on their performance.

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PAJO mobile app showing Product Hunt game.
A woman playing PAJO Product Hunt game.

Increase spending, collect email addresses

Award customers who solve your game within a given amount of time with personalised discounts powered by Reward Flows and gather their email addresses through PAJO Wallet – automatically and at scale.

"Shoppers who win retail discounts through scratch-off tickets or other games of chance are more likely to make a purchase, and spend more money, than customers offered standard discounts that apply to everyone (...)"

Stefan J Hock, Rajesh Bagchi, Thomas M Anderson

Promotional Games Increase Consumer Conversion Rates and Spending (2019)

Learn about how gamification can help you increase sales

Discover the surprising effect of gamification in this episode of "Let's talk facts" with Ryan who introduces one of his favourite studies related to brick-and-mortar retail.