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All plans are billed per location per month.

USD 20/mo
Engage up to 100 customers
About us, Events and Stories
Collect shopper data at scale
Retarget shoppers online
Start 30-day free trial
USD 120/mo
Engage up to 100 customers
Everything on Connect plus:
Access all PAJO Moments
Advanced shopper segmentations
Create ad audiences based on dynamic shopper segmentations.
Shopify integration and PAJO AI enrichment for up to 100 products
Sync and enrich Shopify product data in real-time and keep PAJO always up-to-date.
PAJO Analytics suite
Actionable in-store insights.
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Talk to us
Receive a custom quotation.
Dedicated account manager
Get the most out of PAJO without having to manage it.
Unlimited engagements and products
Branded virtual assistant
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Send us a message
How do you measure engagement?

Each Moment is designed for shoppers to take an action, for example, add an event to their calendar, watch a story, play a game or claim a coupon. We track these action events and flag shoppers who trigger at least one of these events as "engaged".

How do you charge for engagement?

We track how many unique shoppers you engage over the course of one month and that's what we charge for. On all plans, you can engage 100 unique shoppers for free. We only charge once per engaged shopper even if the shopper triggers more than one engagement event, for example, claims multiple coupons or adds more than one event to their calendar. These stats are being reset on a monthly basis.

How does PAJO work for my visitors?

Your shoppers scan any of your PAJO QR codes inside your location or pop-up space. The QR code will then open their preferred mobile web browser such as Safari or Chrome and load Elfie and your experience.

How do I set PAJO up inside my location?

Setup is easy. Once you've created your first content, you can export a PAJO QR code from our platform and place it where you'd like to engage shoppers. You can use as many QR codes as you like. It's worth experimenting. PAJO tracks QR code scans for you, so you'll see which ones are being scanned most often.

Can I request my own version of Elfie?

Yes. We do offer custom on-brand avatars as an add-on for any plan.