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Our pricing plans are monthly plans and apply per location. Choose between a self-service or concierge plan with dedicated account manager who manages your experience on request.

Engage 100 customers for free, then pay HK$5 per engagement.
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Engage 250 customers for free, then pay HK$5 per engagement.
Everything on Starter plus:
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Engage 250 customers for free, then pay HK$5 per engagement.
Everything on Expert plus:
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Customer-centric experiences designed for your locations


Connect with customers inside your locations

Provide all relevant information about your brand in one centralised place on the web. Frictionless, interactive, and inclusive.


Track, measure and improve engagement

Analyse what content customers engage most with and learn about their preferences as you improve their experience.


Share insights with your existing marketing stack

Share actionable insights from your locations with your online marketing tools. Enrich direct and retargeting campaigns.


A collection of frequently asked questions. Don't hesitate to get in touch if there are questions left unanswered or if you'd like us to elaborate further.

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How do you measure engagement?

Each PAJO Moment is designed to convert customers to take a certain action, for example, add your event to their calendar, play a game or claim one of your coupons. We track these events and flag customers with at least one of these events as "engaged".

How do you charge for engagement?

We track how many unique customers you engage during one month and that's what we charge for. That being said, we only charge once per engaged customer even if the customer triggers more than one engagement event, for example, claims multiple coupons or adds more than one event to their calendar. We reset these stats on a monthly basis.

How does PAJO work for my customers?

Your customers simply scan one of your PAJO QR codes inside your location or pop-up space. The QR code will then open their preferred mobile internet browser such as Safari or Chrome and load your app inside it.

How do I set PAJO up inside my location?

Setup is easy. Once you've created your app, you can export your PAJO QR code and place it where you'd like to engage you customers. You can use as many QR codes as you like and remember, PAJO QR codes can point your customers to either your app or directly to specific content inside. It's worth experimenting. PAJO tracks QR code scans for you, so you'll see which ones are being scanned the most often.

Can I request custom designs or Moments?

Worth a shot. In this case, please send us an inquiry via hello@getpajo.com.