Next-generation PAJO QR Codes

Deliver relevant content to shoppers' phones within seconds and automagically create ad audiences for retargeting on social media.

A woman scanning a PAJO QR code being added to a visitor ad audience.
Showing PAJO's user interface to add and manage QR codes.
Next-generation QR codes

QR codes, rethought

Bring your content to your shoppers' fingertips in seconds. Track scans and interactions and share actionable insights with your marketing stack.

Easy to create

Create, manage and export PAJO QR Codes directly on our platform.

Marketing templates

Print PAJO QR Codes on pre-built marketing assets such as posters.


Understand shopper interests in more detail

Analyse and improve your self-service experience. Understand what content shoppers are interested in and which codes they scan most often.

Bring any use case directly to your shoppers' phones

Visually appealing and clearly labelled for easy use

Easy to manage – even after you print them

PAJO's next-generation QR code on a poster inside a store.